Monday, October 25, 2004


Another busy weekend. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day, or a weekend for that matter.

I had an awesome workout today. Did lunges, squats and straight leg dead lifts. Then I ran 3 miles. Burned up a ton of calories just because lunges are so intensive. I think they are one of the best leg exercies going along with leg presses. I'm going to be sure to get two good leg workouts per week in. That's the last spot I'm needing to burn body fat on.

I had my BF% taken and at around 172 lbs I'm 19.8 %. So at around 165 I should be around 17% which starts to be a good bf% for me. My muscle definition is excellent at that point and there is no cellulite on my hips or thights. When I get below 15%, I start to really look lean. I think 160 - 165 is a good off season range for me, 17 - 15%. I know that's kinda low, but I like that look on me. And I feel light and its really easy for me to run at that weight. Not to mention that I look great in anything I wear. So that's where I will go.

I had a big disscussion with someone in the past who keeps telling me that my goals are unreasonable...but she's talking to herself. My goals are just that, my goals. I'm not dictating anyone else's image to them. This is Janet making Janet happy. Its kind of sad that she's so put off by my goals. She tells me all sorts of discouraging things and I've considered ending the friendship on several occasions. I don't need to be berated, even indirectly for doing what I want to do with my life. Geeze....

I had to get that vent out because she gets on my nerves at

Anyway, here's the plan for the week:

Cardio in the AM...

Tues. Wed. Thurs. Sat. Sun. (need to get 5 days / week for a while)

Weights in the eve: Mon. Wed. Fri. Sat or Sun.

I'm going to crank it up because I've lagged a little for the month of October, even though I lost the most weight this month, thanks to the cleanse. I'm just adding some more cardio, nothing drastic.

I'll write about the Isagenix event this past weekend soon. Its getting sleepy in here again.

Good night!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Oct. 23 2004 Isagenix Demo Posted by Hello

What a Day

I had a blast today at the member's apperciation day. We featured the Isagenix product an got good response from everyone there.

I got my body fat % checked. I'm just shy orf 20 percent, which some will say is good for someo my height. My goal is to get it down to 14% and see how that looks on me.

I'm super sleepy will write more later.

here's a link to the new picturs. The Album name is GNC Show...

I am remiss

Okay my life got out of control for a minute...but I'm pulling this thing back in. I got behind the 8 ball at work, but now I know what to do to correct the situation.

Good new is that I have a wonderful new friend who helped me with my son this week. That was a life saver for me and I greatly appreciate it.

I am going to do an Isadermix demo today a friend's gym in Union City. I will take pictures and post here. I will also post some pics from the GNC show. I just need some time at home where I'm not running around all over the place.

I have to spill, I have penned up stress that has to be released.

Gotta get ready!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Catching Up to Do

I am remiss, I've been so busy, I haven't been blogging. The GNC show of strength was so incredible because I was able to share the Isagenix product with so many people and I met the top fitness and figure girls in the industry! They were so great and encouraging!!

I'm going to get wome sleep now but I promise to write more and get caught up....

Good night world!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Going to Get it Back

You know the sad thing is that when I was in tip top shape before, I didn't even really enjoy it because I was experiencing the most severe type of relationship drama imaginable...(well it was for me anyway!). I let the relationship go and then myself.

Wow, it took me over a year to come full circle and reclaim myself and get back on track. I realize how very important it is for me to scrutinize who I let into my circle of influence. I will not tolerate relationships that are draining in anyway. I'm into looking forward and not dwelling on past mistakes except to learn from them. I just felt this was was worth sharing. It is of the utmost importance for me to guard my space, to only allow positive influences and energy to be close to me.

September Shot, on my way !! Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 02, 2004

JJ Girl's Fitness Model Look

Me Summer 2001 - appx, 160 - 165 lbs... size 8 Posted by Hello

Saturday's Fun

I had my Isagenix shake for the first time today. It was darn tasty, I liked the consistency also. I can see myself enjoying those for many days to come. The great news was that I got ZERO gas from the shake. Most meal replacements give me gas. The protein that they use for their slow release formula gives me gas something awful. This product didn't do that to me. They say its the enzyme delivery system. That is awesome. I had the shake around 10:00 this morning and that was all for the morning, no coffee, nothing else. I did my intensive Jazz / Funk class at noon and was fired up. I burned up almost 600 calories in that class according to my heart rate monitor.

My trainer Josh told me to take it easy today since my body was replenishing. I told him that I had to workout, it was a Saturday ritual. I'm glad I did. I felt light and great and full of energy. I'm so excited because I can see my sleek lines returning.

I posted a picture of myself from the summer of 2001. I was a slender girl back then, had that fitness model look for sure. I will get that back and even better no doubt. When I obtained that look before, I was under stress, and they were not happy times. I was not training to my objectives, which didn't hurt me physique wise, but mentally its always best to honor one's self. That the beauty of this transformation, its all for ME baby. May sound selfish, but hey healing is a beautiful thing indeed.

So I post that picture from 3 year ago so that now I have something to aspire to, and eventually something to surpass. The difference I'm looking for this time is more upper body muscle definition and size.

The work continues, tomorrow morning, a nice run here at home. This week, the main focus will be carido with a couple of morning sessions Tuesday and Thursday. Light circuit training with Josh on Monday and Wenesday.

Had some fun with PhotoShop today!

Peace & Love!!!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Building Muscle Losing Fat....

Before after back shot...Note, the picture in the gray is slight bigger, I'm actually smaller in that the photo developer (me) !!... Posted by Hello

Oh No - - Not THOSE Pictures!!!

The first batch of pictures in the black bottoms where taken when I started out on my workout mission in March and then the second set recently in September. My body fat percentage dropped good bit, went from 30% to 21.8%, but it seems that I should have had better results in that amount of time. I was working out fairly hard with lots of cardio, and light weight training during this time. My diet was pretty much a free for all, and for some of those months I was drinking a fair amount of alcohol as well.

I stopped drinking the second week of August and started a weight training program shortly there after, but still wasn't eating a "clean" diet.

This Isagenix cleanse is the beginning of my clean eating journey, I started the clean living journey in August.

I realize it takes careful consideration with one's diet to obtain the fit lean look. Now I'm actually eating more calories, but the quality of the calories and the timing of my intake of nutrients is very different this time around.

I'll be posting some more pictures soon. Stay tuned.

176lbs 6' tall size 10 - 21.8 before cleanse Posted by Hello

This is me before the cleanse, 176 lbs - 21.8% body fat Posted by Hello

Me a little Puddgy and Not Happy About It....

Front Shot 30% bodyfat - 189 lbs Posted by Hello

This is me, 6' tall, appx 189 lbs Posted by Hello

Lunch Time is Rough !!!

I'm hungry!!!

I just had some straight green tea. That should hold me for a moment. I might be having a little touch of caffeine withdrawal....

Its all good, I just have to sit here and be STRONG.. Its for a worthy cause. Slender booty, skinny pants fit....

BTW, I tried on a pair of pants that I haven't been able to wear in 2 years and I was able to button them and potentially sit down in them. (I'll try that at the end of the cleanse, don't want to pop the button now!)

I understand the importance of eating clean most of the time and having a "cheat" meals or a cheat day. Those are planned and well thought out and much more apprecaited than just junking out mindlessly. Junking out mindlessly is not a great idea.

I think the green tea helped and it will be good to get out of here and get movimg around. That will be a help also.

Day Two

Okay, I'm sold. Got on the scale this morning, down 2 lbs. Even after my cheats yesterday. I had visions of my thin self dancing in my head and that has given me the motivation to make it through day two successfully.

I know that I am bright eyed today, I guess that's a great sign that the cleanse is working its magic. I honestly don't feel hungry... I do however miss eating. I realized how much food and eating is an "event" for me. Its Friday morning and my mind was already drifting to this evening and what I'm going to eat with my son. I just had to squash the thought because I'm detaching right now. There will be other times when we will have our nice Friday meal out, and I will appreciate it even more. Someone made a suggestion that I go to a restaurant with my son and sit and read a book while he eats. How absurd!!! Why on earth would I do that ??? I could go bang my head against a brick wall too !!! I think I'll pass on both.

We will go to the batting cage and hit some balls instead. I get to have a nice lunch tomorrow, so you can believe I am going to make the best of it !!

This is so good for me on so many levels. To think I have this tool at my disposal. I have times when I feel like I need to adjust my eating habits, this would be an excellent starting point. I also have times when I have fallen off the healthy eating wagon, this cleanse is an excellent tool for atoning for my sins.

Another thing that's keeping me motivated is the fact that I will be working at the Health and Fitness Expo for the GNC Show of Strength weekend after next. I don't want to be feeling like a bloated fat tub of lard while hanging out with some of the most successful people in the fitness industry. So on ward and upward. Pass me another one of them damn almonds...

I gotta pee again...