Sunday, February 07, 2010

Busy Mom's Can Eat Clean

It's time to plan my work, then work my plan. I will be doing a modified version of Ann Louise Gittleman's version of the Fat Flush Plan. I will document my modifications, my journey and my results here.

My goal is to change my body composition vs loosing a specific amount of pounds. I would like to lower my body fat percentage by 5% by May 2010. This means I need to do two things:

  1. Weight Train

  2. Eat clean

Since I have the schedule from hades, I have to have a plan or this it simply will not happen. I am great about doing morning cardio, but weight training is what I need to kick my metabolism up a notch or three!

I suspect my gym traffic is clearing up a bit; Its about time for the New Years Resoultion crowd to start falling off since its about 6 weeks out from January 1st.

This is my goal: