Friday, October 01, 2004

Oh No - - Not THOSE Pictures!!!

The first batch of pictures in the black bottoms where taken when I started out on my workout mission in March and then the second set recently in September. My body fat percentage dropped good bit, went from 30% to 21.8%, but it seems that I should have had better results in that amount of time. I was working out fairly hard with lots of cardio, and light weight training during this time. My diet was pretty much a free for all, and for some of those months I was drinking a fair amount of alcohol as well.

I stopped drinking the second week of August and started a weight training program shortly there after, but still wasn't eating a "clean" diet.

This Isagenix cleanse is the beginning of my clean eating journey, I started the clean living journey in August.

I realize it takes careful consideration with one's diet to obtain the fit lean look. Now I'm actually eating more calories, but the quality of the calories and the timing of my intake of nutrients is very different this time around.

I'll be posting some more pictures soon. Stay tuned.