Saturday, October 02, 2004

Saturday's Fun

I had my Isagenix shake for the first time today. It was darn tasty, I liked the consistency also. I can see myself enjoying those for many days to come. The great news was that I got ZERO gas from the shake. Most meal replacements give me gas. The protein that they use for their slow release formula gives me gas something awful. This product didn't do that to me. They say its the enzyme delivery system. That is awesome. I had the shake around 10:00 this morning and that was all for the morning, no coffee, nothing else. I did my intensive Jazz / Funk class at noon and was fired up. I burned up almost 600 calories in that class according to my heart rate monitor.

My trainer Josh told me to take it easy today since my body was replenishing. I told him that I had to workout, it was a Saturday ritual. I'm glad I did. I felt light and great and full of energy. I'm so excited because I can see my sleek lines returning.

I posted a picture of myself from the summer of 2001. I was a slender girl back then, had that fitness model look for sure. I will get that back and even better no doubt. When I obtained that look before, I was under stress, and they were not happy times. I was not training to my objectives, which didn't hurt me physique wise, but mentally its always best to honor one's self. That the beauty of this transformation, its all for ME baby. May sound selfish, but hey healing is a beautiful thing indeed.

So I post that picture from 3 year ago so that now I have something to aspire to, and eventually something to surpass. The difference I'm looking for this time is more upper body muscle definition and size.

The work continues, tomorrow morning, a nice run here at home. This week, the main focus will be carido with a couple of morning sessions Tuesday and Thursday. Light circuit training with Josh on Monday and Wenesday.

Had some fun with PhotoShop today!

Peace & Love!!!