Friday, October 01, 2004

Day Two

Okay, I'm sold. Got on the scale this morning, down 2 lbs. Even after my cheats yesterday. I had visions of my thin self dancing in my head and that has given me the motivation to make it through day two successfully.

I know that I am bright eyed today, I guess that's a great sign that the cleanse is working its magic. I honestly don't feel hungry... I do however miss eating. I realized how much food and eating is an "event" for me. Its Friday morning and my mind was already drifting to this evening and what I'm going to eat with my son. I just had to squash the thought because I'm detaching right now. There will be other times when we will have our nice Friday meal out, and I will appreciate it even more. Someone made a suggestion that I go to a restaurant with my son and sit and read a book while he eats. How absurd!!! Why on earth would I do that ??? I could go bang my head against a brick wall too !!! I think I'll pass on both.

We will go to the batting cage and hit some balls instead. I get to have a nice lunch tomorrow, so you can believe I am going to make the best of it !!

This is so good for me on so many levels. To think I have this tool at my disposal. I have times when I feel like I need to adjust my eating habits, this would be an excellent starting point. I also have times when I have fallen off the healthy eating wagon, this cleanse is an excellent tool for atoning for my sins.

Another thing that's keeping me motivated is the fact that I will be working at the Health and Fitness Expo for the GNC Show of Strength weekend after next. I don't want to be feeling like a bloated fat tub of lard while hanging out with some of the most successful people in the fitness industry. So on ward and upward. Pass me another one of them damn almonds...

I gotta pee again...